About us

About Us

We are an independent creative agency that seamlessly combines strategic thinking with artistic instinct to deliver creative that connects on every level.

At Evensix™ we understand that brands can’t afford to stand still. They need to adapt, flex and take many different forms to stand out in today’s crowded global marketplaces. This is where we come in. We create and deliver compelling creative solutions that do just that.

Our creative process always begins with insight. We’ll get to know you, your brand, and your business objectives. And then our talented team will transform everything that we’ve learnt into creative that is relevant, engaging and delivers results.

Poster displaying the six laws of Evensix™; 1.Learn, 2.Explore, 3.Plan, 4.Explore, 5.Create, Deliver.

01. Learn.

We begin every project with information gathering. Information about you. Your brief. Your business. Your industry. And more. Because we believe the more we can find out about you and your world, the better equipped we are to help achieve your goals.

02. Discover.

We gather information. We digest it. We analyse it. We challenge it. And then we turn it into strategic insights. Insights that will help inform the direction that we move forwards with. And establish the strategic foundations that the rest of the project will be built on.

03. Plan.

We believe that good creative is always underpinned by a clear plan. Our project planning process will combine strategic insight from our discovery phase, with robust project scheduling methodology, to develop a project plan that is considered and calculated from the start.

04. Explore.

We start our creative journey with an open mind. Because we believe that good creative always begins with a blank canvas. Building on the strategic foundations that we’ve already set, we’ll explore multiple creative routes until we discover a path that’s never been experienced before.

05. Create.

We’ve explored, shared, discussed and discarded. Now we’re ready to bring our chosen idea to life. This phase of the process is all about refining the big idea. Testing it. Tweaking it. And testing and tweaking it some more. Until it meets your and our exceptionally high standards.

06. Deliver.

We’re proud of each and every project that we create. And we won’t rest until you are too. So we don’t consider our role in the project to be over until we’ve supported you, as much or as little as you need, to implement and deliver your creative solution. Because we want it to be as much of a success as you do.

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