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Increasing partner engagement through a virtual track-side experience.

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As one of the leading teams on the Formula E grid, with race wins across six consecutive seasons, Envision Virgin Racing are clearly passionate about winning, but they’re also dedicated to “The Race Against Climate Change” and have been recognised as the “Greenest Team on the Grid.”

Due to COVID-19, Formula E needed to condense the final six races of the season into just one short week. On top of that, no fans or teams were allowed to be track-side for any of the races in Berlin. This presented a challenge for Envision Virgin Racing, who had previously invited partners and their guests to races. The team decided to re-frame this challenge as an opportunity to trial more sustainable solutions for engaging partners on race days.

Evensix were asked to design and build an entirely virtual event platform that could solve their immediate challenge, with a view to growing and improving the platform over time to accommodate future races.


As with all projects, we started by learning - learning everything about Formula E, the races and the team. Time-lines for this project were tight, so to pull this off we ran daily content and priority planning workshops with Envision Virgin Racing to craft the perfect virtual track-side experience. Together we defined all of the critical pieces of functionality and planned out the flow of the event platform collaboratively using a simple Trello board.

The finished platform housed detailed agendas, individual partner breakout sessions, speaker bios, full race standings and even a 3D walk-through of the car.

Evision Virgin Racing Live Platorm on iphone
Evision Virgin Racing Live Platorm on iPad



- A super slick platform

- A sustainable alternative to traditional partner engagement

- Attendees from 107 Cities in 10 Countries

- 11 Breakout Rooms

- A team not only prepared for Covid-19 related restrictions, but for a more sustainable future
Evision Virgin Racing Live Platorm on laptop

"An amazing experience! Thank you for the opportunity"

Guest | Envsion Virgin Racing

"What a great experience. Really interesting behind the scenes glimpses and insights. Looking forward to season 7"

Guest | Envsion Virgin Racing
Evision Virgin Racing Live all desktop screens

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